A collective celebration of life.

And So I Live It

Loves on bloom in our front yard.

I breathe in the beauty of Lights’ calling card.

Life pulses on me, in me, throughout me, up and down

“Alive!” She cried. ¬†“Dear God, I am Alive” drowned out all sound.

If the wings of a butterfly can set you off in a totally different direction, then what I have done is equivalent to a nuclear detonation ūüôā

Life as we know it, IS Now my vacation.

In Love and Gratitude, I praise my new vocation.

God’s on Deck, and Set to Rock the Nation.

As Step 1 =  World Wide Participation.



In the words of Emma Curtis Hopkins, “If we feel there is work to do, we may be certain¬†we’re the very ones to do it.”

From the very first day- all signs said, “Be Open”.

Throughout the class, I have had a few things haunting me.

The first was, “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston. ¬†To me, that song has always been like long nails dragging slowly down a chalkboard.

As it repeatedly showed up in my life, I welcomed it as much as the impulse to throw up a little bit in my mouth.  Then, I began to listen to the words.

“I believe the children are the future. ¬†Teach them well, and let them lead the way.” ¬†Yadda, yadda, yadda…I’m sure you all know it.

Yet another more frequent visitor taunted me mercilessly-

Teach.  Your children well.

I thought I had effectively tuned out this insistent yet gentle nudging that persisted in this and other ways.

Suddenly, the water felt stagnant. ¬†I had been humming along quite merrily and steadily…next thing you know, the air was too calm. ¬†When things went still, I felt a gently spiraling back to whence I had come. ¬†Something was amiss. ¬†All forward movement had ceased.

I even told my boyfriend straight out what I believed it to be. ¬†Yet still I waited. ¬†Held back. ¬†Screamed, “Not Me!”

This past Saturday, things changed. ¬†I woke up to clouds of butterflies of every color billowing and playing around a giant bird of paradise tree. ¬†Hummingbirds by the dozen finding harmony even amidst the inevitable standoff you expect to see. ¬†Swirling vultures dazzled me with their high and low level aerobatics. ¬†Every day really does get¬†better than the last. ¬† Believe it or not, on this very same day, a baby bobcat graced us with it’s presence….for two hours! ¬†It strutted, and posed. ¬†I kid you not, it even stretched out and slept- paws hanging off the wall. ¬†My bobcat friend showed up to hit home a message. ¬† Loud and clear, this message was received.

The Time Is Now.

After I accepted and surrendered.  I looked down, and even the magazines on the desk cemented this knowing.

Purpose-  For the Common Good.

I flip backwards in the magazine, and the first page I land on says, “Into the Light”. ¬†It is accompanied by a picture of the ever trusty¬†spider.

The next page was kissed by the sun and in bold letters read ” Big Dreams for the Little Things”. ¬†The next page I flipped to said “Help from above”. ¬†I believe As Above, So Below. ¬†As Below, So Above. ¬†As Within, so With-out.

Just below the heading reads, “taking an aerial view”. ¬†On the very next page, I am instructed to, “Breathe Adventure- ¬†Black Rapid, Live the Moment.”

Other messages were there, but the point I am making is this-

By this Fall, Our Home- CSLT, will publicly be known as the place to be. ¬†I feel¬†no worries. ¬†I have the “Secrets to Stress Free Flying”!

“I found the Greatest Love of All, Inside of Me!”

Stay tuned, to see how this too, will evolve.






It’s Good To Be Back :)

After a brief hiatus, it is good to be back. ¬†I was off on an adventure finding myself. ¬†Here is a new post for your reading pleasure. ¬†Expect much more soon! ¬†My muse is in hyper-drive ūüôā ¬†Blessings.

With Love and Thanks to “All That Is”




JourneyDance Adventure

This actually happened to me last Sunday. ¬†I could hardly wait to return home to write it all down! ¬†Lol. ¬†Now that I have shared it with my fellow Goddesses, it is available for your viewing pleasure…

As I was on the way to my spiritual center today, it struck me- I did get my wish last night. My wish for JourneyDance was to lose myself in the music. As we were lying down near the close of another fantastic session, I could feel myself sinking into the ground. In my minds eye, I watched the grass getting taller around me as the earth welcomed me into her body. When I become fully immersed in the earth, I noticed I was safely enclosed in a bubble of white light. I traveled through my roots, through the soil, through the water, then into the molten fire at the center of the earth. At this point, I was on my knees marveling at my surroundings. Then I realized I could use my roots to travel because they covered the world. Suddenly I was gazing at the Taj Majal. Then I was gazing at a pyramid in Egypt. As soon as I thought how cool this was, I was travelling up. Through my tree trunk and out through my branches which rose above and covered the Earth. My bubble started to drift away as I looked down at the Earth. ¬†It was lovely, but my next thought was “ok, not today”. ¬†My bubble was drawn back to the nearest branch and I immediately came back to the room. Anyway, that was my journey. Funny, at the time I thought “I need to remember that!” ¬†Yet I didn’t even give it another thought until it struck me today.

Thank you all for being part of my tribe ūüôā



A Woman of the World

Growing up in a military family was a wonderful experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. ¬†But there is one thing military brats love to hate-being asked, “Where are you from?”

This question can be answered a multitude of ways!  Imagine the wheels turning in my head as I mentally dissect such a seemingly simple question.

First, I mentally catalog all the places I’ve lived. ¬†I have enjoyed living in Louisiana, Hawaii, Kentucky, and Missouri. ¬†This list naturally leads me to thinking of all the fun places I have yet to visit. ¬†Anywhere overseas would fit in nicely here. ¬†Next, it occurs to me- maybe they mean where I was born. ¬†In this context, my birthplace would not be a factor. ¬†My birthplace was actually an emergency pit stop in a city to which I have¬†not since returned.

After years of wrestling with this question, I came up with a simple answer. “I am from Everywhere, yet nowhere.” ¬†This pretty much sums it up- All inclusive yet claiming none.

Being from Everywhere, yet nowhere has it’s advantages. ¬†I feel like I am One with All people. ¬†I am at ease in almost any environment. ¬†I easily interact with people and bring¬†the good in them to light. ¬†In retrospect, this has served me well.

In the last few months, I have noticed a huge increase in the number of people asking me that dreaded question. ¬†However, it now has a different connotation. ¬†In saying, “Where are you from” they actually mean, “Where have I been”? ¬†Strangers try to guess my origins from my accent. ¬†I am told it is a blend of accents. ¬†I don’t hear it, but I do know one thing. ¬†When I get tired, I get really country. ¬†I hope you never have to hear that.

Strangers also regularly comment on the way I speak. ¬†Complimenting my pronunciation and diction…in those exact words. ¬†A little lady came up to me and said, “the way you talk¬†is so cute”. ¬†She smiled, closed her eyes, and continued to listen. That was a little strange, but very endearing.

I know there is power in my voice.  In harnessing that power, I want to make a positive impact on the world.

Needless to say, it’s taken me 40+ years to truly appreciate the gifts I received being a world citizen. ¬†I am thankful that where I came from played such a huge part in who I am today.