Imitation as Evolution

by joyaficionado

I am sure we have all heard, “imitation is the sincerest  form of flattery”.  While some may deem this to be flat out lazy, or wrong (if there is such a thing as write or wrong…lol)  I know foLol wing those you admire as a means of lifting each of us up.

I agree, that you are a composite of 5 people that you hang around most.  I choose to hang with the “Big dogs” until I get to that point myself.

Sure, it’s all well and good to be original and creative.  And  you can do that by being a copycat too.

Using mentors systems and strategies helps me because it causes my own ideas to blossom.  I can see how the dots connect between what my mentors are doing and where I want to be.

I get excited by sharing in the joy of success and the thrill of anything new which may be presented as well.

It also helps in knowing, I have support.  I know I have an army of back up any time I may need it as well.

A sure source of support and guidance, gives me the security I need to blossom…and to flourish.

Thanks to Kim, Eric, nd the rest of the “Justice League” for  always having my back.  It would be my honor to do the same.