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Month: October, 2016


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I am Zoe.

I’ve done some crazy shit in my day.  Lol.  That’s part of being human…and it’s ok.  This is how we find out what we can handle.

I, for one, know that I get more badass with every thing I choose to do.  I must admit, I LOVE A CHALLENGE!

The quickest way to get my attention is to tell me I can’t do something.  Hearing anything like “no” or “I can’t” instantly revs my motor.  At this point, its’s a Pavlov thing.  The word no is an instant trigger for me to stop and say to myself, “The Hell I Can’t!”  Sugar, you have no idea what I am capable of 🙂

I know who I am.  I know Life as Love and Endless Possibilities.  I know the Universe stands with me.  (For those allergic to the G word, that means I know God’s got my back.)  I just have to show up…and I intend to.  Heck, as far as I am concerned…It is already done.

And believe you me, I AM WILD.  I AM WILLING.  I AM STRONG…because I have the faith of God.

Let the children keep bickering, while we grown folks change the world.  I BELIEVE in LOVE.  I don’t care if you are white, black, blue, or purple.  We are all the ONE family.  We are all the same…because we are human.

If you don’t have respect for LIFE (abortion, murder, rioting, and all the other crazy shit we keep hearing about) all that means is you don’t love yourself. (Wanna know what that means?  Check out my blog @

The world can change.  We can change the world.  You just have to change your mind first.

I can talk forever if you get me started.  I am sure I have given you enough to chew on at the moment.

Fear not, I will be back…and often.  I have a lot to say, and it’s time you hear it.

May the force be with you all! 🙂

Take care,


(In essence, the word “can’t” does not exist for me.  There is always a way if you are willing.)


Dan Hughes Music, a band from London, United Kingdom

Dan Hughes Music

Dan Hughes is a dynamic UK based musician, songwriter guitarist and producer. Dan has played guitar from a young age having growing up in a musical environment playing with and learning from local session and professional guitarist’s playing pubs and clubs and partys in his home town.
At the age of 16 Dan auditioned for the highly regarded Music Institute ‘BIMM’ where he held his audition in front of ‘Kenwin House’ guitarist and songwriter for Reef.  He gained a place to study there for 2 years and in that time he played in bands covering a variety of genres also writing songs for projects. In this time he was lucky enough to be taught by such great guitarist such as ‘Toby Pittman'(Air Studios) and Guthrie Govan(Asia and Dizzy Rascal)  He had Master Classes with top guitarists and songwriters ‘Mark Knopfler, Tommy Emmanuel and Kelly Joe Phelps’s.
After his studies Dan spent a while playing in a band based in Sheffield…

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The Greatest Love of All aka Self-Love



I do realize we all suffer from a collective PTSD around the word “God” in one way or another.

I, for one, know it well.  I ran away screaming from the church in the 8th grade.  I thought I was living large…ever since.  I didn’t give it a second thought until I was 44 years old.  It happens.  It happens to the best of us.

Growing up, I had been told that I was evil… and I was going to hell…And I did my best in the meantime to live up to that prophesy.

So, in light of that.  I have decided to speak to you as you are ready to hear.  Start at ground zero- with your self.

You don’t have to talk to anybody else.  You don’t have to change your life.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

As a disclaimer, please keep in mind two things.

  1.  What is the definition of insanity?
  2.   If you keep doing the things you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got.

For our purposes, I will make #2 more specific.

If you keep believing as you have always believed, you will live the same life.

How easy is it to change your mind?  As a woman working in this lifetime of experience, I can honestly say, “I can change my mind as soon as I make it up”.  I can change my mind with a swiftness.  I’m a woman.  It’s my prerogative, right?

This superpower serves me well.

Seriously.  I love the super computing power of the mind.  In a split second, you can look at what is in front of you…and decide.

A split second is all that it takes to change your life.  You can re-format your mind to always serve you by only selecting what serves your highest good.

Forget this love one another crap.

You know how they say, “you can’t love any one else until you love your self”?

It’s true.

How can you even begin to know what such a concept would be?

Do you think it’s ok for some one else to be in control of your life?

Is it ok to put up with abuse in any form from anyone?  From our self even?  Explain to me how this is ok.

Let me clue you in to one thing.

If you just love your self…you are loving your neighbor.  Heck, if you would just love your self…you are loving the whole wide world.  Let that marinate for a bit.

When you are in love, are you worried?  Do you feel fear?  Hate?  When you are caught by and swept up by your Beloved’s scent.  What are you thinking then?  Is there room for anything else?  In that moment?

How about when you are caught up in that burn?  The all consuming passionate fire of lust?  How hard is it to even remember what your own name is…in that moment?  Do you want anything else?  Do you need anything else?

I have been so backed up that I have been mad enough to kill.

That is another way we allow conditions (what we see out there or what we hear in our head)  to control us.  If you keep the sheep, aka hamster, spinning on the hamster wheel- it’s easier to control the puppet.

Change your mind.  Change your life.  It sounds easy.  It’s not.  But it can be…It’s up to you.  Literally.

We are all infinitely more powerful than we believe.

I am living proof that you too can live the good life.

Prove that to your self.

There is great Love in that.

Do what rings true for you.  It’s the only guide aka God…you will ever need.


Some things just have to be spoken.

Y not U?  Then Y not I?

Feel your touch all through the sky.

Sifting through deserted dreams.

Things are never what they seem.

Caught in the near be-tween.

Take the comfort of wingless sleep.

Then awaken, my child.  All was just dreams.

To be, as one, in as btween.

All know Love now.  Again.


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