Embrace the Mystery

by joyaficionado

I always had a serious thing for reading.  I knew It was God talking to me.  No matter what.  Be IT Magazine, Mystery, Romance, Textbook…even a note scribbled in a well loved textbook had something to say.  IT‘s All God.  AnyOne that knows me can tell you, I DEVOUR books.  In those books, you meet the secret’s of the World.

When you are ready, you can actually sense IT.  Anything IS Possible.  IT CAN BE EASY!

Run and hide if you like.  You can try.  You can’t hide from God.  You are IT‘s Imprint.  All that you are, God IS.  All that God Is, You are.

So what is the problem then?  BELIEF.

My brother calls that the “Okie doke”.  The World has fallen for the Okie doke.

There IS no greater gift than Good.

There IS no greater gift than You.

Believe IT, and set yourSelf FREE.

We are here to save the WORLD…in a sense.

I just want to let you know that you can.

You may not see it clearly right now, but FAITH in your BELIEF will shake that glass clear again.

So you will find me at CSLT (Center for Spritual Living Tucson)… doing my part.

Join us any time.  At CSLT, there’s only family here.

IT‘s who we are.

Take care,


my heart of hearts

C 4 YourSelf