The Power Of Choice

by joyaficionado

Do you want to know when I knew my Beloved and I, were Perfect for each other?

Well…It wasn’t because he took me to “The Flying V” at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.  It wasn’t because he encouraged me to order from the Right side of the menu.  (Or whatever side the menu items with no prices are listed on.)

It was because…on our very First date.  He said, “You don’t have to eat all that”.

I literally stopped.  And thought to myself, “I don’t?”  Then I LOOKed UP, because I realized…You know what, I don’t!

45 years old is a long way from 2.  See how easy IT IS to get stuck on auto-pilot.  I had been told to clean my plate, and there were Starving People in the world.  How dare I?  How dare, I?  Don’t waste food, it’s too expensive.

That narrative was on repeat in my MIND.  Awake.  Asleep.  Watching Netflix.  No matter what I might have been doing.  Without my Knowledge.  Without my Permission.  This broken record has been controlling me Since Birth.  I can’t blame my parents, anyOne, or anything else.  It only takes hearing something a few times before IT becomes part of you.

Think of All the catchy songs that get stuck in your head.  You know.  That ONE song that you can’t stand, but can’t help singing because IT’s so darn catchy?  They implant in your brain, and there they will remain.  Slowly… Driving you mad.  Until.  You make a CHOICE.

My Beloved, revealed to me.  I can MAKE A CHOICE.  Only I.  Hold the POWER.  2 MAKE A CHOICE and DECIDE what my LIFE will Be.

There IS POWER in making a CONSCIOUS CHOICE vs living on auto-pilot.

Some days, I found my self so zoned out- I must have looked like Rosie on the Jetsons.  You know, that robot maid?

Yes, I do realize.  With that statement.  I might be dating myself.  Some might even go so far as to say “carbon dating” myself, but that’s ok.  Because IT was TRUE.  No Matter.

What I AM saying IS this-

The moment my Beloved asked me that question.  I knew.  No longer, would I be sleepwalking through my Life.  From that moment, my Life began to transform.  While I would like to say, “Habits, Are No Longer the Boss Of Me”.  I have no problem admitting that I AM a work in progress, as Life IS supposed to Be.

Truly Seeing, knowing that I AM responding instead of reacting, and Rising Hi…work together as ONE- to cleanse your MIND, Body, & Soul.

The BEST part of IT all?  This transformation can be as soft as a gentle rain blessing us from an Autumn‘s Sky.

So there you have IT, my friends.  Always had IT.  Without IT, you have never Been.  Glory to God who IS, to all, A BEST FRIEND.

This really is the BEST LIFE ever.

If nothing else, keep this in the back of your MIND.

Dragons, can BE Friends 2.

Take Care & Enjoy the REST of your day!

I will see you again.  Right  Here.  Halfway between the Sun & the Moon.


2 C Video Diary. Click here.