Love and the Beloved.

by joyaficionado

Sweet singing birds melody takes over the sky.

Waves of Peace ripple through me as clouds float lazily by.

Each pause between a lone chirp- takes me deeper.  I know not How, or Why.

Time speeds up as the raucous roar of a beetle thunks clumsily by.

What was that Pant, Rattle, Shake, and Sigh?

Cacophony, becomes Symphony, becomes Solo, becomes…

Just Becomes.

At Zero, Life Truly Becomes

A Whiteboard Onto which

Your Dreams Most Certainly Can

Be Spun.

I know my God as Good, and I know the same for you too.

Bless You, and Enjoy this beautiful moment of Now.

Right Here.

No matter where Here might Be. 4 Live version- click here