Not Mere Fantasy.

by joyaficionado

The Silent Swoosh of a Hawk’s Wing,

Instantly Transformed the Whole Damn Thing.

Life begins again.  Anew.  Right Now.

What will You Choose?

Silent reverie reveals

I love Magic as Magic loves me.

Even Death Could Not Part Thee.

You are my Beloved Throughout Eternity.

Has Always Been.  And Always Will Ever Be.

Life Is.

Infinitely Good.

As You Now Shall See.

For I Love You As You Love Me.

The Love of God Moves Mountains.  Resculpts.  Renews.  Reveals.  Opens.


Now You Too, know Love as the One True Reality.

Tune In to My Channel To Really “See”  Me.

The Dream of God is Not Mere Fantasy.

IT IS Alive and well, As You…and As Me.