by joyaficionado

In the words of Emma Curtis Hopkins, “If we feel there is work to do, we may be certain we’re the very ones to do it.”

From the very first day- all signs said, “Be Open”.

Throughout the class, I have had a few things haunting me.

The first was, “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston.  To me, that song has always been like long nails dragging slowly down a chalkboard.

As it repeatedly showed up in my life, I welcomed it as much as the impulse to throw up a little bit in my mouth.  Then, I began to listen to the words.

“I believe the children are the future.  Teach them well, and let them lead the way.”  Yadda, yadda, yadda…I’m sure you all know it.

Yet another more frequent visitor taunted me mercilessly-

Teach.  Your children well.

I thought I had effectively tuned out this insistent yet gentle nudging that persisted in this and other ways.

Suddenly, the water felt stagnant.  I had been humming along quite merrily and steadily…next thing you know, the air was too calm.  When things went still, I felt a gently spiraling back to whence I had come.  Something was amiss.  All forward movement had ceased.

I even told my boyfriend straight out what I believed it to be.  Yet still I waited.  Held back.  Screamed, “Not Me!”

This past Saturday, things changed.  I woke up to clouds of butterflies of every color billowing and playing around a giant bird of paradise tree.  Hummingbirds by the dozen finding harmony even amidst the inevitable standoff you expect to see.  Swirling vultures dazzled me with their high and low level aerobatics.  Every day really does get better than the last.   Believe it or not, on this very same day, a baby bobcat graced us with it’s presence….for two hours!  It strutted, and posed.  I kid you not, it even stretched out and slept- paws hanging off the wall.  My bobcat friend showed up to hit home a message.   Loud and clear, this message was received.

The Time Is Now.

After I accepted and surrendered.  I looked down, and even the magazines on the desk cemented this knowing.

Purpose-  For the Common Good.

I flip backwards in the magazine, and the first page I land on says, “Into the Light”.  It is accompanied by a picture of the ever trusty spider.

The next page was kissed by the sun and in bold letters read ” Big Dreams for the Little Things”.  The next page I flipped to said “Help from above”.  I believe As Above, So Below.  As Below, So Above.  As Within, so With-out.

Just below the heading reads, “taking an aerial view”.  On the very next page, I am instructed to, “Breathe Adventure-  Black Rapid, Live the Moment.”

Other messages were there, but the point I am making is this-

By this Fall, Our Home- CSLT, will publicly be known as the place to be.  I feel no worries.  I have the “Secrets to Stress Free Flying”!

“I found the Greatest Love of All, Inside of Me!”

Stay tuned, to see how this too, will evolve.