JourneyDance Adventure

This actually happened to me last Sunday.  I could hardly wait to return home to write it all down!  Lol.  Now that I have shared it with my fellow Goddesses, it is available for your viewing pleasure…

As I was on the way to my spiritual center today, it struck me- I did get my wish last night. My wish for JourneyDance was to lose myself in the music. As we were lying down near the close of another fantastic session, I could feel myself sinking into the ground. In my minds eye, I watched the grass getting taller around me as the earth welcomed me into her body. When I become fully immersed in the earth, I noticed I was safely enclosed in a bubble of white light. I traveled through my roots, through the soil, through the water, then into the molten fire at the center of the earth. At this point, I was on my knees marveling at my surroundings. Then I realized I could use my roots to travel because they covered the world. Suddenly I was gazing at the Taj Majal. Then I was gazing at a pyramid in Egypt. As soon as I thought how cool this was, I was travelling up. Through my tree trunk and out through my branches which rose above and covered the Earth. My bubble started to drift away as I looked down at the Earth.  It was lovely, but my next thought was “ok, not today”.  My bubble was drawn back to the nearest branch and I immediately came back to the room. Anyway, that was my journey. Funny, at the time I thought “I need to remember that!”  Yet I didn’t even give it another thought until it struck me today.

Thank you all for being part of my tribe 🙂